Jason Romney

Sound Designer

Welcome to my digital portfolio. I am a theatre sound designer and sound design educator at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Examples of my theatre sound design work can be found on my sounds page. As an educator I have developed curriculum and participated in various research projects and written some custom software applications for sound designers and musicians. Examples of this work can be found on my projects page. I am committed to furthering the field of theatre sound education so please feel free to contact me with questions or for inquiries on using my curricular material. Of course I would also love to collaborate with you on your next theatrical production. My contact information can be found in my resume.

Reviews of my work

"Jason Romney's sound design is perfectly dialed in, without a squeal, a dropout or a misjudged sound level. About the only serious blemishes I could hear in all this onslaught of magnificence could be cured with a couple of soft lashes from a good dialogue coach." - Creative Loafing Charlotte

"Their voices were clear and words were direct." - Artsy Charlotte

"Jason Romney's sound design and Howard Jones' enigmatic set are almost worth the trek in themselves. At times low lights and wind both illustrate the ghostly pages which symbolize the rival Lovborg's manuscript, hung as if in accusation from the back of Jones' pale white and aqua set. Meanwhile, low strings and the rhythmic insistence of Norwegian singer Sissel's atmospheric soundtrack propels us, willingly, further into darkness--a convincing fusion of stagecraft and theatrical art." - INDY Week

"Jason Romney's precise and ubiquitous sound design is crucial to the production." - Charlotte Observer